Hiking tips in the West of America


Arizona, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Alaska and the list goes on of the mountain states of the united states. The west of America is for those seeking adrenaline rush as well as those looking for a quiet place to rest and rejuvenate. From the famed Los Angeles to the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon, Yosemite,and the national parks, the western part of the United States has much to offer to the key traveler. The main difference between a successful trip to a failure is planning. Here are a few tips to ensure that each and everyone of your hiking trips are enjoyable and fun. We split the tips into two parts:

Must do before a hike

Planning: It pays to know everything about your destination – what kind of terrain will you be encountering, what time is the best time to visit, what are the possible changes in weather that you might encounter, what is the average temperature, where can you get water, where you can rest, do you need any permits for camping and the list goes on. Being prepared makes the difference between success and failure. For example, those traveling to the Inner Canyon must be aware of the summer thunderstorms and lightning and how you can be prepared for it.

Overlook your physical abilities

Don't be so overawed with nature that you overlook your health and your own physical inabilities. It is not easy to hike in the hot dry desert conditions of the canyon. First timers must take greater care and be prepared for the heat and exhaustion.

Those with respiratory problems, back and knee issues should not push their limits and exert themselves too much. Dehydration in such circumstances can be disastrous, hence stay within your physical limits.

Less luggage more comfort

It is commonsense that when you are hiking you cannot carry anything more than necessary. Much as you would like to take everything that can comfort you, the heaviest things that should be there in your backpack must the essential food and water. Be dressed appropriately: Comfort is a priority when you are out in the open under scorching heat and treacherous terrain beneath. Ensure that you wear well-fitting sturdy hiking boots for proper grip and support. Your gear must include sunglasses, sunscreen, first aid kit, water purification tablets and a hat.

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Essential Items to carry:

First and foremost, carry a biodegradable trash cover because it is crucial that you do not litter and behave like a responsible traveler. The other items of the gear include a compass, whistle,and a map. While these are the essential things that you must carry for the trip here are a few more tips on what to do when you are actually on the trip.

During the hike to-do things

Hike at a comfortable pace: When you embark on a hike you must bear in mind that you are not in a race to finish, so you need not push yourself beyond your boundaries where you are huffing and puffing and gasping for breath. Walk at a comfortable pace where you can talk which ensures that there is enough oxygen in the body for you to continue. Pace yourself out in such a way that you do not tire yourself out before the end of the journey.

Take frequent breaks:

Make sure that you are taking at least 10 minutes break for every hour of walking thereby removing all the accumulated metabolic wastes and giving your legs the much-needed respite. You can do gentle stretches, eat some nourishing food and rehydrate yourself with energy drinks and fluids. Remember these breaks will not slow you down but will recharge you to keep going.

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