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5 Secrets To Hiring The Best Baton Rouge SEO Company

In Baton Rouge, each industry has its shady characters. Fortunately, it is easy to avoid such because you know what to look out for. You stay away from teachers who have criminal records, shady car salesmen, and those that have a Bluetooth headset in their ear all the time.

However, it is not always easy to tell whether a particular character is shady especially in the new professions. SEO is a relatively new industry and it can be hard to distinguish between a good Baton Rouge SEO company and a fraud. Lucky for you, this article outlines how to compare SEO companies by examining ethics, industry practices, and rhetoric and help you choose the right one.

Here are 5 secrets to hiring the best Baton Rouge SEO company

1. Big Promises

Shady SEO companies in Baton Rouge love making big promises. “We guarantee a number 1 Google ranking” or “We guarantee a 3-fold increase in organic traffic” is great examples of such big promises. Unless they actually work for Google, it is impossible for anyone to promise anything from any search engine. The best an SEO company can do is outline its goals and the plan for reaching them.

You need to ask the SEO company about the guarantees it can make regarding your Return On Investment (ROI). Look out for an agency that promises to work hard to achieve continuous growth in organic search traffic. Shortcuts and quick fixes are never worth the gamble. The best approach is a slow but steady climb without going bust. It is your reputation on the line and you shouldn’t gamble with it.

2. Client Portfolio

The portfolio of an SEO agency can tell you a lot about their level of service and experience. It is obviously better to work with an agency that has worked with big, reputable brands and businesses as opposed to shady, unknown brands. If a particular agency is good enough for a big brand, chances are that they are good for you too.

You should ask the SEO company whether they have worked with brands familiar to you or big brands. If the agency starts to delay or stutter and cannot name any strong, sustainable businesses or brands, you should start thinking about moving on to a different company.

3. Social Media Adoption

SEO agencies hate talking about the influence of social media on the search since it is threatening. However, the reality is that social media and SEO are increasingly becoming codependent. It is a bond likely to continue growing as search engines continue giving weight to social signals.

You should find out whether the agency incorporates social media with SEO. A good SEO company should be excited about the role of social media in increasing traffic and enhancing link building. A positive reaction to social media shows that the agency is forward thinking, which translates to sustainability and longevity for both you and your business.

4. Google Algorithm Updates

Google’s algorithm updates continue hurting websites of different sizes. Baton Rouge websites have been witnessing a mysterious drop in online traffic. Upon further investigation, they come to realize that some of their hired SEO consultants engaged in risky tactics known as black hat SEO. The search engines have realized this and penalized them accordingly.

You should find out from the agency how Google’s algorithm updates have influenced their SEO practices. Major changes should serve as a warning since it means that the agency gambles with shortcuts, long eventually, and having to scramble to recover. A good SEO company should respond by stating that those changes have not been significant and that they are closely monitoring them.

5. Trade Secrets

SEO agencies in Baton Rouge love acting like the strategy they use is a secret sauce. The reality is that SEO is part science and part art, which means that they should provide detailed reports on most of their labors. A good SEO agency should have nothing to hide the secrets to good SEO are known to all.

You should find out how often the agency reports on progress. Avoid agencies that report only once at the end of the contract. A good SEO agency is one that issues updates at least once weekly. If the company is unable to provide that frequency, chances are that it has nothing to report or nothing to report within Google’s best practices.

The Bottom Line

SEO can take your Baton Rouge business to the top but you need the right partner to do it. This is why you need to hire the right Baton Rouge SEO company. SEO agencies or their promises should never intimidate you. Always remember that the SEO company is working for you. If you encounter any problems during the interview, just remember the information, tips, and tricks discussed here. If you are ever in need of a good SEO company in Baton Rouge we highly recommend if you ever need SEO services done.